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Procedures for Port State Control }

Procedures for Port State Control

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product no: 24312
publisher: IMO Publishing
edition: 1st Edition
edition date: March 2000
pages: 128
size: 148 x 210 x 7 mm
weight: 239 g
format: IMO Publishing
sales rank: 14023

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description {

Port State control has become of ever-increasing importance in the field of maritime safety and marine pollution prevention and thus in the work of IMO over the past few years. Since the adoption in 1981 of Assembly resolution A.466(XII) on procedures for the control of ships, a number of relevant resolutions have been adopted.

The IMO Sub-Committee on Flag State Implementation, recognizing the need for a single comprehensive document, reviewed and amalgamated existing resolutions and documents. This resulted in the adoption, in 1995, of resolution A.787(19), Procedures for port State control.

The resolution provides basic guidance to Administrations on the conduct of inspections, in order to promote consistency in the conduct of inspections worldwide and harmonize the criteria for the application of control procedures. The General Procedural Guidelines for Port State Control Officers are of particular relevance.

Amendments were adopted by the Assembly in November 1999 by resolution A.882(21). This publication contains the consolidated text of resolution A.787(19), incorporating the amendments adopted by resolution A.882(21). It also includes updated information on contact addresses of responsible national authorities.

IMO Code: IA650E

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This publication presents amendments to the CSS Code, the most recent of which were approved at the eighty-seventh session of the Maritime Safety Committee (12 to 21 May 2010):

  • Guidance on providing safe working conditions for securing of containers on deck
  • Revised guidelines for the preparation of the Cargo Securing Manual
  • Amendments to the elements to be taken into account when considering the safe stowage and securing of cargo units and vehicles in ships
  • Amendments to the guidelines for securing arrangements for the transport of road vehicles on ro-ro ships

Please download and print the errata for this title here.

IMO Code: IB292E

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This new edition of the Code incorporates all amendments adopted by the Maritime Safety Committee up to 2000.

The Code is intended for communications between ships, aircraft and authorities ashore during situations related essentially to the safety of navigation and persons; it is especially useful when language difficulties arise. The Code is suitable for transmission by all means of communication, including radiotelephony and radiotelegraphy.

IMO Code: IA994E
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